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    J, to the M-E
  • I am a twenty-something female with a simple plan - I want to be everyone's boss and make enough money to purchase my dream car, a CL600 so I can be the bitch everyone hates on the expressway. I have a 100% Italian boyfriend named Tony, who taught me to rate Italian restaurants by their cannolis. I cringe at the sight of "ravers" now because they remind me of high-school and my long lasting hate for the world. Since then I have wisened up...I am a tough cookie to crack - hard to please and hard on the knees. I tell white lies to keep my ass out of trouble. I miss saturday morning cartoons and when prizes came in cereal boxes. I think money can buy happiness (or at least buy things to provide happiness) and along with my business degree, I am minoring in the arts so one day I will blow Martha Stewart out of the water. Call me textually frustrated. Sometimes I like my job in mortgaging, others not so much. I am emotionally attached to my cell phone, I drive a black 2003 Grand Am GT1 Coupe, I have blonde hair and I can scream louder than you.

  • Guilty pleasures: chocolate chip cookies, Blind Date, kissing, driving too fast, people watching, getting the last word, R & B music, and shopping.

    Stuff in my wallet right now:
    - Driver's license
    - Vanessa's MaryKay business card
    - Social Security Card
    - Birth Certificate
    - TONS of reciepts
    - Registration & Insurance for car
    - School ID
    - CVS giftcard with about $2 on it
    - Bank Card
    - My car salesman's business card
    - Library Card
    - Medical Rx ID card
    - $8 cash
    - Burger King reciept for a free shake because I was ticket #26

    B7 d- t- k s+ u-- f i o x-- e+ l+ c-


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