07-15-02 11:07 p.m.
text messages

Iiiiit's Baaaack!!

Make my day (or at least make me smile) and send me a text message to my cell phone! Click here, and just put in 7345782835 in the To: field! My phone will beep cheerfully and I'll get your message immediately :)

(feel free to put your email address/site url in there, as well)

UPDATE---8/6--I'm sure I'll get some hatemail for this... but I average about 15 messages a week, and it's just too hard for me to keep updating this page. I'm busy as it is.. although, if I get any unusual or uncanny ones, I'll be sure to share:)
ps...That doesn't mean you can't keep 'em coming!

werd, yo. / Hi, I'm being nice and such. So. How goes it? I'll bet it's wonderful. But perhaps not. I still am slightly unaware of what a sneech is, but I can I guess, go to the library, or some shit like this. Anyway, bye bye! -Emile

love you / just wanted to say hello. Read your email when you can and I hope I'm not waking you up from beauty sleep! Have a goodnight girl! -Christie

Heeeeeey! / I am your virtual fortune cookie: Tuesday is going to rock hard (so I hope youre sleeping right now). email me. -Christina

Yo / hahahaha I am sending you a text message. you should feel oh so lucky. I know I would. :) um, ok. Be good to others. have a nice day. smile, except when people tell you to. other than that, just be cool. lata.. -Jen

hey! / did you know the average person swallows 8 spiders in their sleep during their lifetime? yummy. I couldn't resist :) -ascetic

booo!! / did i scare youuu????? -anonymous

hey / "be young, think smart, stay true, and just follow your heart"-the ataris -piper764

hi! / hi. have a good day! -calistar

Hiiiee!! / I don't know you, but I started reading your diary (: you rahkk!! my addy is http://driftaway.diaryland.com and you can email me @ [email protected]. I hope I made you smile! (: -Jordie-

hehehe / i wish i had one of these, cuz then everyone would be sending me messages! lucky! -destiny

nighty night / I hope you have a great night and hopefully I'll be able to talk to you more! I have no new entries, but feel free to write me a gbook entry telling me to write a new entry! Love ya! - destinator

this is weird / hi. i'm some girl u don't know whose guestbook u signed. but anyways..clothes suck. just kidding. actually i deleted that entry it was kinda lame, huh? hey, i have a nextel. how do i do this? talk to you later!! - stacybear-1

elly / hello! you wanted some text messages so here you are :) your diary rocks, and i'll bet your phone does too! take care - Elly

clapclap / bravoo!! you have (at least) 37 happy readers who listed you as faves! =0) - Kristine

Have a good day / Hey, Jamie. Just wanted to let you know that I hope you have a great day. Hope someone special makes you smile :) - Stef

thank you / hi I just want to drop a thanks for suggesting that book to me. I've finished it in one day and i've really grown to love it. especially till the end =) hope this message gets to you - Patty

if i had one of these / i would send messages all day long to the girl i love. i luv KF. oh and cool site. - Dalene

whacha! / text messages are just super, and so really, that's what i am doing. sending you superness! hoorah! that's pretty much all I had to say, though I don't think it matters too much because any message is pretty fun. have a lovely day! - kim

hi / if u get this i want to see it on your site!

RE: thank you / wow i wish i had a phone like yours. pretty cool. it took me forever to find the book since most of the store were out of it. Then I went clothes shopping at Delia's and that's where i unexpectly found the book. Turns out they were selling few famous books for teens in addition to clothes. hey what book did you do your senior thesis on? because i'll be doing mine soon and i'm still deciding and i really want this to be a great one. anyways. hope this message isn't too long..<3 - Patty

:) / good morning! - RoNniE~


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